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- diagnostics of your posture and moving patterns
- setup of right moving patterns and their implementing in your sport activity
- sportsman preparation for sport events
- prevention and rehabilitation after injuries and surgery
- work with people with functional disorders and motor system imbalance
- activation and strengthening of deep stabilization system
- functional training with TRX, balance tools and other different unconventional equipment
- nutrition plans in cooperation with PLANEAT specialists
- kinesiotaping

Education & courses
- Completed Master’s study at FTVŠ UK, field of study Sport and health, specialisation Fitness
- Fitness trainer of 5th qualification degree – the highest qualification degree
- Trainer of sport for all of 5th qualification degree
- Foam Rolling Principles & Practices – 2015, Triggerpoint Performance Therapy
- Functional movement system (FMS) certification Level 1. a 2.
- Certified functional strenght coach (CFSC)
- Anatomy trains I.level
- McGill 1 – Building the ultimate back: From rehabilitation to Performance
- Achievements: former first-rate sportsman - football