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I offer
– consultations in the field of fitness, sport and health
– diagnostics of movement system
– functional training for sport
- strength and conditioning training
– health-oriented personal training
– performance-oriented fitness training
– outdoor trainings
– trainings in English

Education & courses
Comenius University in Bratislava, Sport and Health, specialisation Fitness
Fitness trainer of 5th qualification degree
Sport for all trainer of 5th qualification degree
Acral coactivation therapy I
Foam Rolling Principles & Practices
Dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation I,II,III
DNS in Strength Training Workshop
Functional Movement Screen I,II
Certified Functional Strength Coach I
Anatomy Trains I
McGill I - Building the Ultimate Back: From Rehabilitation to Performance
McGill II - Assesment of Backpained Patient to Obtain Precise Diagnosis
First Principles of Movement A
EXOS Strehgth and Power Performance Workshop
EXOS Speed Performance Workshop
and others sport and science conferencies, workshops and seminars

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