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My basic purpose is, to one feel better, move more efficiently and look better.

Focus on:
- Reduction of weight, developement of fitness, improvement of figure
- Functional movement diagnostics, corection of body posture and movement stereotypes
- prevention of injuries and strengthening consequently after rehabilitation
- trainings in english

Student of Master`s degree at FTVŠ UK
Fitness trainer of 4th qualification degree.

I absolved different sorts of courses, in Slovakia and abroad. E. g.:

EXOS performance mentorship
Certified functional strength coach (CFSC)
Functional movement screen (FMS) lv. 1, 2
Dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation for sport (DNS) lv. 1, 2
Y balance test
TRX suspension trainer 
Functional training in sport preparation lv. 1, 2
Rehabilitation training and functional sport therapy
Healthy back, body posture and many others

"First move well. Then move often." Gray Cook