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Juraj finished his PhD. studies at the Department of Sports Kinanthropology, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Comenius University in Bratislava. He constantly expands his knowledge via international courses in the fields of strength and conditioning, performance assessment and physical therapy. In addition to strength and conditioning, he specializes in functional testing of athletes. He also focuses on general public and people with musculoskeletal disorders. He collaborates with physical therapists and nutrition specialists. Juraj also conducts scientific research being a main author and co-author of scientific publications in the fields of testing, rehabilitation and strength and conditioning.


  • musculoskeletal examination (anamnesis, evaluation of asymmetries, mobility, flexibility and stability)
  • performance tests
  • strength and conditioning of professional athletes
  • improving physical condition of beginners and amateur athletes
  • injury risk reduction, reconditioning after injuries
  • weight loss, building muscle mass and body shaping
  • trainings in English and Russian languages


Doctoral studies: Sports Kinanthropology – Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Comenius University in Bratislava
Master studies: Strength and conditioning coach – Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Comenius University in Bratislava

Courses, workshops and conferences:

  • 2020 EXOS Presents: Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Framework – online (EXOS)
  • 2020 Physical Conditioning of Athletes 2020, 18th International Scientific Conference
  • 2020 Physical Conditioning in Football, International Conference (UKTH)
  • 2019 Trigger Point Therapy (Fyzioterapie Ostrava – Daniel Pejčoch)
  • 2019 NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 1 (NeuroKinetic Therapy – Simon Jones)
  • 2019 McGill Method Level 3 – High Performance Training: Progressing backs from pain to performance (BackFitPro – Stuart McGill)
  • 2019 McGill Method Level 2 – Assessment: Converging on a precise diagnosis (BackFitPro – Stuart McGill)
  • 2019 Football Medicine Outcomes, XXVII Isokinetic Medical Group Conference (Isokinetic Medical Group, FIFA)
  • 2019 EXOS Education: The Science and Application of Whole Body Vibration – online (EXOS)
  • 2018 EXOS Speed Performance Workshop (EXOS – Eric Dannenberg)
  • 2018 EXOS Strength and Power Workshop (EXOS – Eric Dannenberg)
  • 2018 EXOS Performance Specialist – online (EXOS)
  • 2018 EXOS Fitness Specialist – online (EXOS)
  • 2018 First Principles of Movement Part A (First Principles of Movement – Craig Liebenson)
  • 2018 Football Medicine Outcomes, XXVII Isokinetic Medical Group Conference (Isokinetic Medical Group, FIFA)
  • 2017 EXOS Presents: Using Data to Drive Results in Energy Systems Development – online (EXOS)
  • 2017 Kinesio Taping Assessments, Fundamental Concepts and Techniques
    (Kinesio University – Michal Peroutka)
  • 2017 Vitality Flossing (ARTZT Institute – Beatrix Baumgartner)
  • 2017 McGill Level 1 – Foundation for the pain-free back (BackFitPro – Stuart McGill)
  • 2017 Physical Conditioning of Athletes 2017, 15th International Scientific Conference (UKTH, NSCA)
  • 2016 DNS Exercise Course 2 (Rehabilitation Prague School – Michal Truc)
  • 2016 Functional Movement Screen Level 2 (Functional Movement Systems – Peter Lakatos)
  • 2016 ComplexCore+ Level 3 – Upper Extremities and Core – Mobilisation and Stabilisation (ComplexCore+ – Roman Jahoda)
  • 2016 ComplexCore+ Level 2 – Lower Extremities and Core – Mobilisation and Stabilisation (ComplexCore+ – Roman Jahoda)
  • 2016 DNS Exercise Course 1 (Rehabilitation Prague School – Júlia Demeková)
  • 2016 Y Balance Test Online Course – online (Functional Movement Systems)
  • 2015 Spine – What Helps, Harms and Why (3D Fitness – Paul Bielak)
  • 2014 ComplexCore+ Level 1 – Core – Mobilisation and Stabilisation (ComplexCore+ – Roman Jahoda)
  • 2014 Kettlebell KB5 Minimum (KB5 – Jozef Vanko)
  • 2014 Functional Movement Screen Level 1 (Functional Movement Systems – Peter Lakatos)
  • 2014 Centralization, the Key Information for Clinical Practice (Rehabko – Michaela Kotrbancová)
  • 2014 Roller / Ball Mobility Workshop (Core Training – Martin Snášel)
  • 2014 Post-Injury Functional Training of Shoulder (Rehabko – Michaela Kotrbancová, Peter Hulej, Michal Palkech)
  • 2014 Body Stabilization in Movement (ComplexCore+ – Roman Jahoda)
  • 2014 Functional Dynamic Stabilization of Lower and Upper Extremities (Rehaspring –Ingrid Palaščáková Špringrová)
  • 2013 Functional and Fitness Training in Physical Therapy & Varia (Rehaspring)
  • 2013 Static Assessment in Physical Therapy (Face Czech Academy – Lucie Suchá)
  • 2013 TRX STC L1 (Fitness Anywhere – Jakub Wurzel)
  • 2013 SM System 1 + 2 (Spiral Stabilization – Richard Smíšek)
  • 2012 BOSU CORE (Face Czech Academy – Daniel Müller)
  • 2011 Olympic Weightlifting for Developming Strength and Physical Condition (IWF, SZV)
  • 2011 Core Stabilization in Training and Therapy (ComplexCore+ – Roman Jahoda)
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