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- Dietology- Nutritional counselling after thoroughgoing nutritional anamnesis, nutritional plans
- Customisation of allimentation in client’s goals in means of weight reduction, muscle mass gain, strengthening
- Nutritional counselling for weekend and professional athletes
- Inteligent and sport nutrition and food supplements
- Analysis of body compositure on professional bioimpedance instrument InBody 230
- Thorough measurement of fat and muscle by kalipometry and antropometry
- Training programs for fat burning, weight loss and strengthening of figure
- Training dedicated for increasing strength, muscle mass
- Entertaining functional training also as intensive metabolic exercises, which are the most effective for fat burning
- Aid in rehabilitation of injuries
- Specific adjustment of trainings and dietary programs for clients with health complications, e.g. with increased blood pressure (hypertension), allergies, intolerances a. o.

Education & courses
- Graduate of Faculty of Medicine UK – Field of study General Medicine
- Graduant studies PhD. at SAV – Experimental Endocrinology, theme „Influence of dietotherapy and physical activity on cardiometabolic risk factors“
- Fitness trainer of III. degree
- Course Move Better – Foam Rolling, Trigger Point Release, Myofascial Release
- Neurofyzio Workshop – structural and functional disseases of spine 2015
- Absloved congress European Nutrition Conference 2015 in Berlin (also as lecturer)
- Absolved congress of Dietology and Bariatry 2015 in Prag (also as lecturer)
- Absolved congresses Diabetologic days (Martin) 2015 and Obesitologic days (Trnava) 2015 (also as lecturer)